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Sabona Copper & Magnetic Bracelets available with a plain finish or with a patterned finish. These copper bracelets have the added benefit of two magnets either end of the bracelet on the underside. We offer different wrist sizes: 7mm and 8mm. The magnets used in these bracelets are 1800 gauss.
Whether you are looking for mens copper magnetic bracelets or ladies copper magnetic bracelets, you will certainly find the product that best meets your needs. You can choose from our wide range of copper only, duet, gold or silver plated bracelets.
We are dedicated to bringing you products that you will love which is why our wristbands are made with 99.99% pure copper. This rigorous selection allows us to offer you high quality products that do not contain traces of nickel. You want to know more about our wristbands? Do not hesitate to contact us by calling 01728 605667 or 0 800 374 976.
You can also have a look at our choice of pure copper bracelets and magnetic bracelets.