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Copper Wrist Support - SGW

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Copper Wrist Support
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A Sabona copper thread wrist support is an essential garment to treat arthritic and rheumatic pain, as well as sprains.
Sabona Support Garments add support and warmth to muscles and joint areas. 

The supports include Thermal Copper Insulation (TCI) which plays an important part in the recovery process. TCI with added Sabona copper thread is woven into a special blend of fabrics. The copper in the TCI conducts natural body heat, and as the body warms the copper, it in turn retains the heat generated and stores it within the fabric, promoting a quicker recovery.

✔ Maximum support
✔ Full comfort
✔ Quicker recovery

The copper does have health properties which definitely helps a faster recovery.

Our wrist supports range from 6.0inches to 9.5inches in three sizes, S/M, L/XL and XXL.

Choose the correct size using the scroll dropdown menu & enjoy the full benefits of Sabona copper hand supports.

Measure wrist at widest point for sizing.

Discover now Sabona's full range of Copper Support Garments to efficiently treat sprains and strains and arthritic and rheumatic pain.

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : L/XL 7"- 8.5"
Easy to order. Fast delivery. A substantial support for the wrist. (worn mainly when playing golf.
Rodney H.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : L/XL 7"- 8.5"
Good support although a bit tight might be as it is new ( see earlier comment)and it is the L/XL and I am not a large person.
Royston m.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : L/XL 7"- 8.5"
Very supportive good quality.
Freda P.
Very pleased that you are getting good support for our garments.

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