SABONA of London

Golf Glove


£3.50 GBP

The Sabona Golf Glove benefits from copper in the fabric.  Copper is an excellent conductor of heat. 

The copper thread (15%) content is knitted into a blend of elasticised fibres which provides increased heat and comfortable support for the wearer whilst playing golf.

The Sabona Golf Glove is made with TCI, Thermal Copper Insulation.  TCI contains 15% pure copper which is woven into a special blend of fabrics.  The copper is TCI conductive to natural body heat as the body warms the copper, it, in turn, retains the heat generated and stores it within the fabric.

Fabric Content

Nylon 30%
Viscose 30%
Copper 15%
Elastondiene 15%
Polyester 10%


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