Pure Copper Bracelets

Our Pure Copper Bracelets

We offer a wide range of copper bracelets suitable for both men and women.

You are wondering where to buy high quality copper bracelets? Sabona offers a wide selection of high quality pure copper bracelets for both men and women.
Sabona copper bracelets are available in a plain finish or one of our other designs: Classic, Olympia, Regency, Tudor, Windsor and Celeste.
We offer our copper bracelets as a standard 7mm width as well as 9mm width. Please note that our 9mm width bracelets are being discontinued so there are limited options available. Otherwise the choice is wide: our copper bracelets are available in each style and in various wrist sizes.
Sabona bracelets are made from the purest copper sources (99% pure copper), which is important because many competitive copper bracelets have traces of nickel content which is not recommended.
We advise you to click on the product pages to get more details about each bracelet. 
You can choose among our copper only bracelets, our duet bracelets, gold plated, rose gold plated and silver plated copper bracelets. If you are looking for a copper bracelet for ladies or a pure copper bracelet for men, then look no further! You can also have a look at our range of pure Copper Magnetic Bracelets and Magnetic Bracelets.
Should you need further information, do not hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 01728 605667 or 0 800 374 976.