Silver Copper Magnetic Bracelets

Silver Plated Copper  Magnetic Bracelets

silver copper bracelet

Sabona silver plated magnetic bracelets come in a plain finish or with a patterned finish. Our range includes silver plated bracelets and silver copper duet bracelets.

Sabona Silver Magnetic Bracelets - Health Benefits

Sabona Magnetic bracelets improve blood circulation and promote well-being.  Magnets are believed to help with general circulation thereby helping the body get more of the nutrients it needs from the blood.  Sabona bracelets have the added benefit of two magnets either end of the silver bracelet on the underside, which give them strong health properties.  The magnet in each tip of Sabona Copper magnetic bracelets measures 1700 gauss.  

We recommend that you replace our copper bracelets every 2-3 years because the copper in the bracelet will slowly wear away.  There is no difference between copper, silver plated or gold plated bracelet because all three are solid copper bracelets but the plating is on the outside surface only (for decorative effect) so the copper is still visible on the underside.

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