Silver Plated Copper Bracelets

Silver Plated bracelets available in many styles

silver plated copper bracelet

Looking for a silver plated bracelet?  Sabona offer a full range of genuine quality copper silver bracelets, available in many different styles and sizes.

We offer plain finish silver plated bracelets, as well as bracelets with a patterned finish.  Browse the choice between the different styles and find yours.

Our silver plated bracelets are made using copper

Sabona's silver bracelets are plated on the outside of the bracelet only, which allows the copper to be in contact with your skin and fully perform.  Copper bracelets have  many health benefits such as relieving the pain associated with arthritis and rheumatism.  Copper is a natural anti-inflammatory, therefore it can help relieve pain often associated with rheumatism and arthritis, as well as help with general aches and pains.We recommend you wear your bracelet constantly.  Wearers report that the products provide them the most benefit when worn all the time, even at night and while washing.

Sabona also offer a full range of Silver Magnetic Bracelets and Gold Plated Bracelets.

Tudor Silver 7mm
£ 75.00(88.88 €)
Plain Silver 9mm
£ 75.00(88.88 €)
Tudor Silver 9mm
£ 75.00(88.88 €)