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Executive Magnetic Bracelets
These bracelets come in a variety of styles and finishes for men and women.
Postage and Packing Free
on UK orders 50 and over
Copper and Magnetic Bracelets
The magnets used in these bracelets are 1800 gauss.
50 years experience
of producing high quality copper bracelets, since which time, over 11 million Sabona Bracelets have been sold worldwide.

manufacturing copper bracelets and magnetic bracelets


Standard Copper Bracelet

Purest Copper available in multipy styles and sizes.
from 8.75

Trio Cable Stainless

A range of bracelets are very popular with both men and ladies

Ladies Medical I.D Bracelet

Marked with the recognised symbol for Medical Alerts

Ladies Turquoise Bracelet

The Turquoise Magnetic Bracelet has a 1200 gauss magnet in each link.
Welcome to Sabona
With over 50 years history of manufacturing copper bracelets and now more recently magnetic bracelets, Sabona continues to offer quality and choice to their customers old and new. Sabona bracelets are recommended the world over as a natural relief from aches and pains