The French couple, who were nobles and actresses, discovered during their frequent travels to Africa that copper jewelry worn by indigenous people was not only used for decoration, but also for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. After confirming the scientific evidence of copper's antibacterial properties for infection prevention and faster recovery, they established the world's first brand of copper bracelets made of pure copper.

" SABONA's unique signature design was devised by London's leading jewelry designer David Morris, famous for designing diamonds featured in the 007 movie series, hailed by Hollywood Madonna, Pierce Brosnan, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Elizabeth Taylor.  Its simple yet elegant design stands out. "

Why Copper?

Sabona Archive

American Vogue wrote in 1978,

"What's in it for them - Lauren Bacall, the Windsors,
Coco Chanel,and the thousands of other luminaries
who wear theSabonabracelet? Why,
upon sighting this gleaming part-circle of pure
copper on each other's wrists, do complete strangers
sidle upto each other and murmur conspiratorially?
Could it be the badge of a secret international society?
Certain clues are given on page 138."

In the 1970s,
Cartier New York collaborated with Sabona 

The design of Sabona's 18k gold and sterling silver frames wrapped around a copper core from the past has been restored by Sabona and is currently available for sale through a bespoke ordering process.