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We offer a wide range of copper and magnetic bracelets especially manufactured to offer relief from aches and pains. And we are here to help - please do use the contact button below if you have any queries about which. SABONA Bracelet is the best option for you.

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Silver Magnetic Bracelets


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Pure Copper Bracelets to Improve your Well-being

Sabona has created an extensive selection of copper bracelets - So we can offer you stand-out styles as well as superb quality. Make your choice from our collections, which encompass pure copper bracelets; silver-plated copper bracelets; gold-plated copper bracelets; and colourful ceramic bracelets - enabling you to choose a wardrobe of designs to suit your style.

Silver Magnetic Bracelets

The Theory Behind Magnetic Therapy

Magnetics have been used in different cultures over the years as a way of promoting wellbeing. It is believed that wearing magnets on the body can improve circulation, thereby helping absorption of  nutrients from the bloodstream.

Discover the Benefits of a SABONA Bracelet

SABONA has long enjoyed a global reputation - crafting the most sought-after copper bracelets for over 60 years, and more recently introducing a range of magnetic bracelets encompassing the same values of quality and design. Presented with a sense of style that will elevate your look, SABONA braclets are especially designes to help arthritis, and offer quality and choice to customers, many of whom have returened to purchase again and again over time.

Magnetic Fashion Bracelets
Copper bracelets
How to use them?

Copper Bracelets

Wearing copper bracelets dates back to antiquity, but Sabona elevates your healthy choice into a contemporary fashion accessory.

From the kudos of collaborations with renowned jewellers Cartier, to the personal recommendation of many top athletes, SABONA has the authority and experience to make a difference to your well-being – and the scope and style to offer the perfect range of designs for both men and women.

Copper is a versatile trace element, known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

The simple act of wearing a beautiful SABONA bracelet can soothe your aches and pains by bringing the benefits of copper to your body.

The range of designs Sabona offers is extensive, offering so many ways to improve your well-being, while adding a distinctive sense of style.

That’s why SABONA copper bracelets have been recommended the world over as a natural relief from aches and pains.

How to use them

Wearing a copper bracelet for well-being does not require any health precautions; 

but it’s essential  to choose a bracelet size which fits the wrist sufficiently well so that the copper can be in contact with the skin - 

and if possible the veins in the lower arm too, since these are also a vector through which the trace element will be transmitted to the body.

Not only is a Sabona bracelet the aesthetic choice, it is also curative.

Much more than a piece of jewellery, a SABONA copper bracelet adds value to your daily look while benefitting many ailments.


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