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Pure Copper bracelets to improve your well-being

Sabona offers an extensive range of copper bracelets.

Choose your copper bracelet amongst our lines of only copper bracelets, silver plated bracelets, gold plated bracelets & many others quality design copper bracelets.

Silver Magnetic Bracelets

The Idea Behind Magnetic Theraphy

Magnetics have been used in different cultures over the years to promote good health. It is believed that magnets worn on the body can improve circulation, thereby helping the body get more of the nutrients it needs from the blood.

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With over 60 years history of manufacturing copper bracelets and now more recently magnetic bracelets, Sabona continues to offer quality and choice to their customers old and new. Especially produced to help arthritis,

Sabona bracelets are recommended the world over as a natural relief from aches and pains.

Magnetic Fashion Bracelets
Copper bracelets
How to use them?

What are copper bracelets?

Wearing copper bracelets dates back to antiquity, and today they have become a true fashion accessory for both men and women. Copper is a versatile trace element, known for its anti-inflammatory and other virtues.

The simple fact of wearing this bracelet can soothe your aches and pains by penetrating the skin and spreading its benefits to your body. This accessory is a good way to improve your well-being, and can easily accessorise or enhance an outfit.

How to use a copper bracelet?

Using a copper bracelet for health care does not require any particular precautions, other than choosing the right size bracelet, which will fit the wrist sufficiently well so that the copper can be in contact with the epidermis and possibly the veins - which are also a vector through which the trace element will be transmitted to the body.

Not only is it aesthetic, it is also curative. Much more than just a piece of jewellery, copper bracelets give value to your daily look while curing many ailments.


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