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Manufacturing copper bracelets & magnetic bracelets

We stock a wide range of magnetic bracelets especially manufactured to get relief from aches and pains.

Browse our different section to discover our beautiful copper and magnetic bracelets, silver magnetic bracelets & medical bracelets.

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Silver Magnetic Bacelets

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Magnetic & copper bracelets to improve your well-being

Sabona offers an extensive range of copper bracelets.

Choose your copper bracelet amongst our lines of only copper bracelets, silver plated bracelets, gold plated bracelets & many others quality design copper bracelets.

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Quality natural pain relief

Sabona bracelets are made from the purest copper sources (99% pure copper). We offer a wide range of copper bracelets suitable for both men and women.

So finding your style has never been so easy.

Discover Sabona bracelets benefits

With over 50 years history of manufacturing copper bracelets and now more recently magnetic bracelets, Sabona continues to offer quality and choice to their customers old and new. Especially produced to help arthritis,

Sabona bracelets are recommended the world over as a natural relief from aches and pains..

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