SABONA of London

Ladies Blue Gem Bracelet

SKU: 31160

£98.00 GBP

The twinkling blue gems in this beautifulbracelet are just half the story. A superb quality clasp ensures your braceletstays safe, while SABONA uses permanent pins to keep your bracelet lookinggreat, supporting the 1200 gauss samarium cobalt magnet in each link. This is a delicately beautiful, yet robustlymade bracelet that will delight you for years to come.

Blue gems and polished stainless steel are the features of this SABONA design. The Lady Blue Gem Magnetic bracelet has a 1200 gauss samarium cobalt magnet in each link. SABONA chooses Samarium Cobalt magnets for long term durability and rust resistant qualities.

SABONA also incorporates the best quality clasp in magnetic bracelets! The clasp is designed to fasten securely to prevent inadvertent opening and the loss of the bracelet. SABONA Magnetic Bracelets are linked together using permanent pins. The bracelets are designed to stay intact therefore removal of links is not recommended.

Your wrist size will be very close to the size of the bracelet you need. Be sure to consider how loose or snug you want your SABONA to be. Typically, you want a link bracelet to fit more loosely. If a link bracelet is too snug, it will tend to hang up on your skin due to body moisture. This style is available in sizes are X-Small (6.0"), Small (6.5”), Medium (7.0”), and Large (7.5”).

To clean your SABONA bracelet, use a good jewelry cleaning cloth to keep the outside polished and the inside clean. Your SABONA magnetic bracelet comes packaged in a presentable black jewel box.

Choosing the correct size

6 inch to fit wrist 5.5 inch
6.5 inch to fit wrist 6 inch
7 inch to fit wrist 6.5 inch
7.5 inch to fit wrist 7 inch
8 inch to fit wrist 7.5 inch


Why Magnetic?


Magnet Therapy is a holistic therapy that is most commonly known for it's ability to alleviate pain. However, this natural therapy offers numerous other health benefits.

Magnetic Therapy utilizes the natural energy of magnetism, which is essential for human existence and overall health. Our physical body is encompassed by a field of energy commonly referred to as a subtle energy body or subtle energy field.
This biofield or biomagnetism is produced by all living organisms. Once this is realized, it should not be so surprising to learn that our bodies can benefit from this natural bio-compatible energy field.

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