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Stainless Copper Link Bracelet

SKU: 56065

£113.00 GBP
This new addition of our mens range is our only executive bracelet has the added benefit of copper. A copper strip contacting 1200 gauss magnets are used to make up the underside of the bracelet, making sure the copper can be constant contact with the wearers skin.A great choice for todays professionals.

Includes Free Polishing Cloth

Why Magnetic?


Magnet Therapy is a holistic therapy that is most commonly known for it's ability to alleviate pain. However, this natural therapy offers numerous other health benefits.

Magnetic Therapy utilizes the natural energy of magnetism, which is essential for human existence and overall health. Our physical body is encompassed by a field of energy commonly referred to as a subtle energy body or subtle energy field.
This biofield or biomagnetism is produced by all living organisms. Once this is realized, it should not be so surprising to learn that our bodies can benefit from this natural bio-compatible energy field.

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