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Classic Copper Bracelet 7mm

SKU: 7C255

$36.00 USD

The Classic Copper Bracelet is one of six patterned Sabona bracelets that are so popular that millions have been sold to men and women all over the world!

This three-ribbed classic design is one of the most popular choices in our copper bracelet range!

It is designed for comfort and manufactured to maintain its shape and quality appearance.

Choosing the correct size

To get the best fit, subtract 1/2" to 3/4" from your wrist size to determine the size Sabona Standard Copper Wristband you need. Sizes are available from Small (5.5") to XL (7.0").  Wristbands are to be snug, but not tight. If you are in between sizes, it works better for the copper wristband to be smaller rather than larger.

Copper, when in contact with the skin, form chelates with human sweat (sometimes seen as a green deposit under the bracelet) and is thus absorbed through the skin. It can be removed with soap and water or lemon juice. To clean your Sabona bracelet, use a good jewelry cleaning cloth to keep the outside polished and the inside clean.


How did copper bracelet brands come about in the world?

It started with a French couple who first branded copper bracelets made of pure copper in 1959.

The French couple, who were nobles and actresses, discovered during their frequent travels to Africa that copper jewelry worn by indigenous people was not only used for decoration, but also for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. After confirming the scientific evidence of copper's antibacterial properties for infection prevention and faster recovery, they established the world's first brand of copper bracelets made of pure copper.

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