SABONA of London

Classic Duet Magnetic 8mm

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Everyone likes this one! It is one of the most popular Sabona Bracelets ever for men and ladies! The Sabona Classic Duet, with both gold and silver plating, is very versatile, durable, and a beautiful way to wear copper and magnets!  The plating is on the outside so that the copper remains against the skin.  With an 1800 gauss magnet at each tip.   

Choosing the correct size

Measure your wrist where you would wear the bracelet. This must be a firm measurement as the copper must be in constant contact with the skin. Order your bracelet half an inch smaller than your wrist measurement to allow for approximately ½" gap between the two ends of the bracelet.

Eg. A wrist measuring 6½" will need a 6" bracelet. If the measurement is in between, please round up or down to the nearest half inch or inch measurement.

Eg. Wrist measurement 6⅜" will count as a 6½" measurement.

Includes Free Polishing Cloth


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