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Plain Silver Bracelet 7mm

SKU: 7S150

$97.00 USD

Sabona Plain Silver Bracelet is the ideal bracelet to adorn your wrist

Our plain bracelet, plated with 5 microns of silver plating gives a high polished finish. Discreet and elegant, it can easily match your outfit. You can really wear it for any occasion.

The pro: this silver plated bracelet is unisex. It is equally suitable for women and men.

This plain silver bracelet is actually made of both silver and copper. 

Copper bracelets help in relieving pain with arthritis. Our silver plated bracelet actually keeps all its benefits as the silver is only on the outside to ensure the copper remains against the skin. If you're looking for a nice silver bracelet with therapeutic properties, so you need look no further: this silver copper bracelet is made for you!

This Plain Silver Bracelet is 7mm wide

Feel free to browse our range of silver plated copper bracelets to find this plain silver bracelet in 9mm wide.

Choosing the correct size

Measure your wrist where you would wear the plain silver bracelet. This must be a firm measurement as the copper must be in constant contact with the skin. Order your silver plated copper bracelet half an inch smaller than your wrist measurement to allow for approximately ½" gap between the two ends of the bracelet.

Eg. A wrist measuring 6½" will need a 6" bracelet. If the measurement is in between, please round up or down to the nearest half inch or inch measurement.

Eg. Wrist measurement 6⅜" will count as a 6½" measurement.


How did copper bracelet brands come about in the world?

It started with a French couple who first branded copper bracelets made of pure copper in 1959.

The French couple, who were nobles and actresses, discovered during their frequent travels to Africa that copper jewelry worn by indigenous people was not only used for decoration, but also for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. After confirming the scientific evidence of copper's antibacterial properties for infection prevention and faster recovery, they established the world's first brand of copper bracelets made of pure copper.

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