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Tudor Copper Bracelet 9mm

SKU: 9C555

£28.00 GBP

Sabona's popular Tudor Copper design is one of the most select choices in our copper bracelet range. Sabona Copper Bracelets are produced using the purest copper and this bracelet is 9mm diameter.

Choosing the correct size

Measure your wrist where you would wear the bracelet. This must be a firm measurement as the copper must be in constant contact with the skin. Order your bracelet half an inch smaller than your wrist measurement to allow for approximately ½" gap between the two ends of the bracelet.

Eg. A wrist measuring 6½" will need a 6" bracelet. If the measurement is in between, please round up or down to the nearest half inch or inch measurement.

Eg. Wrist measurement 6⅜" will count as a 6½" measurement.

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Benefits of Sabona
Copper Bracelets

Bracelets can be a gift to your loved one.

Sabona copper bracelets are not only worn for their stylish and fine elegant look, they are also worn for the many health benefits that they possess. No matter what style Sabona bracelet you choose whether it is one that can be worn on any occasion or a high end bracelet suited for formal occasions, users agree that these bracelets will easy pains from wounds, sprains, arthritis a rheumatism.

Sometimes even golfers whose arms have been injured in a game have been known to wear these bracelets at the suggestion of some of their colleagues. Wearing bracelets is also said to provide a general sense of well being. Moreover, no matter what the sport is, this helps to ensure that athletes are always at the top of their game.


Sabona Copper Bracelet is a product made from high-purity copper (99.99% Cu), which is one of the essential minerals our body needs. When wearing a product where the part in direct contact with the skin is exposed to copper, the skin absorbs trace amounts of copper minerals through the process of skin absorption.
This can help alleviate pain from wounds,sprains, arthritis, and rheumatism. Copper also reduces inflammation and promotes blood circulation, thereby promoting joint health.
For these reasons, Sabona Copper Bracelet is considered a better choice for health and well-being.

Furthermore, copper brings additional benefits to everyday life.

Anti-static effect

Copper has a high electrical conductivity, allowing the body's charge to dissipate through the bracelet, preventing static electricity. Many wearers have experienced this effect, as confirmed by customer reviews.

Assistance in blocking electromagnetic waves

Copper, being a metal with high electrical conductivity, disrupts the progress of electromagnetic waves by inducing current flow within itself when in the path of electromagnetic fields.
This interference disrupts the propagation of electromagnetic waves, thus providing a blocking effect. By wearing a high-purity copper product like the Sabona Copper Bracelet, one can experience the prevention or reduction of the influx of various electromagnetic waves present in modern living environments.

Strong antimicrobial and antibacterial properties

Copper is known as a metal with minimal toxicity to the human body.
Research by international organizations has shown that copper has the ability to eradicate or inhibit the proliferation of 99.9% of all bacteria, including novel bacteria. Using copper's antimicrobial properties for virus prevention, it is helpful to frequently touch products made of copper.

In summary, Sabona Copper Bracelet is a perfect choice for combining health and style.
Consider gifting it to your loved ones to convey the meaning of well-being and care.

How did copper bracelet brands come about in the world?

It started with a French couple who first branded copper bracelets made of pure copper in 1959.

The French couple, who were nobles and actresses, discovered during their frequent travels to Africa that copper jewelry worn by indigenous people was not only used for decoration, but also for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. After confirming the scientific evidence of copper's antibacterial properties for infection prevention and faster recovery, they established the world's first brand of copper bracelets made of pure copper.

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